There are few things as exciting, challenging, and promising as starting and running your own business and Arctos Law shares your passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. That’s why Mitchell and Eric established Arctos Law. They wanted to practice law in a way that they did not see nor experience other firms practicing law.

Business Minded Legal Guidance

At Arctos Law we strive to avoid the often distant and arm’s length interactions that characterize many attorney-client relationships and offer a better sense of control over what is ultimately the clients’ vision. Arctos Law prefers to engage clients at every level of decisions making while offering guidance and defined paths from which to choose.  We work with our clients to break down complex issues and work through multiple potential paths towards the client’s goals or solutions allowing the client to make informed choices about how best to balance practical concerns with legal realities.

Entity Formation

More often than not, a lack of proper legal guidance or simple neglect of the legal issues surrounding the establishment of a business can result in costly fines or litigation. An experienced business attorney can offer a clear picture of the issues unique to each business as requirements can vary widely depending on your industry and business model.

Legal Compliance

It can be difficult to know what is required of your business even when information is readily available because the application of regulations and the process of compliance are not always straightforward. In particular, a business operating in a new or novel industry, or utilizing an unconventional approach in their business model, will often require interpretation of existing regulatory structures. Arctos Law can assist you in the ongoing process of compliance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Contract Writing

A contract is at the heart of almost every action a business takes. A common question is whether or not there is a proper method for writing a contract. However, all contracts, from a non-disclosure agreement to a business purchase agreement, are efforts to make sure that all sides are in full agreement to the particular terms of a deal, including how each side will interact with each other. There is no one-size fits all contract and with the help of a knowledgeable attorney, it is possible to create unique contracts which are specific to your needs and concerns and which advance or protect your interests.

Business Litigation

As with any litigation, the sooner you consult with a business attorney when a dispute occurs, the more informed and better positioned you’ll be do deal with any dispute that may arise.

An experienced business attorney at Arctos Law can help you evaluate and negotiate away disputes before a dispute escalates to costly litigation. In the event an early resolution cannot be reached, our experience will aid you in any litigation to enforce your contractual, statutory, and common law rights.

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