Purchase and Sale of Real Estate

Purchasing a home, cabin, or land, can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. The exciting potential that comes with the purchase is quickly met with a confusing whirlwind of forms, agents, and inspectors that can be over in just a few short weeks. Given the great value your home or cabin has for you, it is important to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to protect yourself and your new investment.

After-Purchase Issues

It can be extremely frustrating to discover a previously unknown issue that may threaten your enjoyment of your new property. Whether it is an issue of water damage in a house, an undisclosed or unknown defect, a third-party claim, or an issue with the title of the property, Arctos Law has the experience to guide you.

Property Ownership & Encumbrance Disputes

Your property is likely one of the most more important and meaningful investments you have. As a result, property disputes are fairly common. Property disputes can arise in wide variety of circumstances and every dispute is unique.

Whether its an issue that has arisen as a result of disputes with the property rights of owners of nearby property, or an issue with the planned development of a property, property issues can be some of the most complex legal issues an individual can face.

The complicated laws and equities which govern real property can manifest in any number of ways and attorneys at Arctos Law can clarify and explain these issues as well as help you work with your neighbors, regulatory authorities, banks, and others to resolve the issues amicably. Where these issues are unable to be resolved amicably, we are prepared to defend your property rights and guide you through whatever legal process is most appropriate at that time.

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