Whether dealing with Minnesota State and Federal privacy regulations specific to addiction treatment providers and co-occurring treatment providers, or regulatory bodies such as the Department of Human Services, or the need for a quick response from an experienced attorney to assist a provider with local law enforcement issues, attorneys at Arctos Law have the knowledge and experience to assist and guide you.

Addiction treatment and co-occurring treatment providers are some of the most regulated entities in Minnesota and the intersection of State and Federal regulations create an unenviable maze that must be navigated both in real time through unpredictable real-world issues and in anticipation of a provider’s regular DHS audit. At Arctos Law we can clarify any questions you may have to make sure you are in compliance with any and all applicable MN statutes, help you craft policies and procedures, and when necessary defend your policies and procedures.


From setting up policies and procedures that ensure your program’s compliance with Minnesota Health Records Act, HIPAA, or 42 CFR Part 2, to managing professional license compliance, to ensuring the terms of grants and other contractual relationship are observed, Arctos Law is ready to guide you through the multiple interconnected layers of local, State, and Federal regulations facing mental and chemical health treatment providers.

Law Enforcement

Whether dealing with law enforcement attempting to serve documents on an inpatient client, or receiving demands for information or production of records from attorneys or county and State law enforcement representatives, or challenging other actions by law enforcement which impact your program, attorneys at Arctos Law have the knowledge to represent and guide you through events as they unfold.

In addition, attorneys at Arctos Law have the experience to arrange and provide informational meetings to State and local officials which can help bridge the gap between the strict regulatory requirements placed on treatment programs and the important law enforcement responsibilities officials have.

General Counsel

As General Counsel, the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Arctos Law can provide your program consistent and responsive guidance, on-demand, across the full breadth of legal issues which mental and chemical health treatment providers face From reviewing policies and procedures for compliance, to developing new ones to meet new business needs or the changing regulator landscape, Arctos Law can be on hand to field questions and offer guidance, including responding to unexpected events in real-time.

As General Counsel, the attorneys at Arctos Law can offer the peace-of-mind that having a strong advocate with first-hand knowledge of your policies and procedures is in your corner can bring, particularly during audits from DHS and other governmental agencies.

Litigation Representation

Where the real-world meets the best laid plans, disputes can arise. Whether your program finds itself bringing a legal action or defending against one, the knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at Arctos Law can offer steady guidance and zealous advocacy to your program.

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